Are you tired of feeling like your voice is not being heard in your community? Do you have a crisis and need help but feel there’s no one who will listen to your case? Do you want your children to grow up intertwined in a movement that speaks for them and allows them to speak up for themselves? Do you want to join an organization that consists of many different people in so many different professions and involved in a broad spectrum of opportunities to better themselves and their community at your reach? Do you want to be a part of history in the making? If you’ve answered yes to one or more of these questions then maybe you should join the National Action Network under the direction of one of today’s prominent civil rights leaders, The Rev. Dr. Al Sharpton. We are currently protesting a lot of change in this country, and have recently seen a lot of that change that we’ve been fighting for so long, put into play, but at the end of the day in order to evoke and carry out that change, we have to ensure that we as individuals are doing our part, and making our voices heard to ensure that the change is effective.

Membership is vital to the growth of an organization. It’s the members and supporters that keep our organization prospering towards reaching the fulfillments of the people we fight for on a daily basis. Whether it is attending a protest, rally, or demonstration, volunteering an hour of your time in one of our offices, or chairing your own committee, it is you that keeps NAN moving and developing, and we appreciate your interest and commitment in our fight to pursue justice.

Reasons to Join NAN

  1. To build an organizational “Support Base: around yourself &Family members “Before” an emergency occurs
  2. To become part of a historical Legacy of “Civil Rights” Activists as were members of Martin Luther King’s movement that will be directly responsible for making positive changes in the way we live & therefore becoming a “Solution” & not a part of our problems
  3. To be able to finally positively create the news you normally go home and simply “Watch” through your “Activism”

$25/yr for an Annual Membership

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